Friday, August 24, 2007

The Brewery Gate St Thomas Street

I am not sure why I am having a little run on Oxford Pubs? Maybe it is the weather. Anyway this pub is called The Brewery Gate, it is in St Thomas Street just behind the Oxford Castle which you can see in the photo. It is quiet pub off the main road and is at the gate of the old Morrells Lion Brewery which closed in 1998. The Brewery Gate has recently had a lick of new paint and it is one of the cheaper places to get a pint outside of the college bars.


Radman said...

how much is a pint at this pub? my friends just came back from a golf trip to scotland and said the prices were way too high and the drinks poured were small. i just cant see how the average brit/scot can afford to drink anything other than beer?

Percy said...

Thank for the comment, a pint of 1664 is £2.50 and I had pint of 4% real Ale which was also £2.50, which is not too bad. Today I was at the Turf Tavern and the pint f real Ale was £2.70

Radman said...

thanks percy. is mrs browns still in business?