Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Earle Street Botley Oxford Flood

Sorry Jane, this photo was taken at about 15hrs today from the Botley Road looking into Earle Street, and the water is about 10 inches high at the top of the street and flowing very fast into the street.

The water is now not going up or down in Oxford, which is only prolonging the clean up which residents want to get on as we are now in day 6 of the flooding in Oxford.

Residents in Earle and Duke Street have been evacuated and along with Osney Island, the BBC are staying that evacuees are being taken to the Kassam Stadium to be looked after, housed and feed.
More photos from today in the Botley Road area are on my additional photo blog.

I have also put a small video clip on you tube of Earle Street.


Jules said...

Hi Percy - this situation seems to be never ending. We have been watching this unfold on your site and on TV as it has been given a lot of coverage on Australian TV, which we get up here. The water situation is unbelievable. Some of the scenes remind me of New orleans!!

Stay safe!!

carolina said...

hi Percy,
i am carolina ,i was living in oxford 3 years.I came back las october.My husband was doing a Dphil in legal Philosophy at Balliol College.
I am so sorry about was is happening with the flood i hope finish soon.Al your photos made me feel so nostalgic,but thank you so much for keeping me in touch with my lovely oxford

carolina said...

ahh ,could you please some day take some pictures of "Fasta Pasta" at the Coverd Market for me ? i used to work there for 2 year and i miss the place very much.Is an Italian Delicatessen where they sell a lovelys chiavattas sandwiches!.thank you!!
Carolina,from Argentina.

Jane said...

Thanks so much for photos - in a funny way it helps to see it, even though its not a pretty sight. Friends have been over to our place and say that you can see the river flowing through the house....worst thing is our cat is missing, so fingers crossed she's found somewhere safe and dry to hide until the water goes down. So, thanks again Percy, you're a star!!

lucky said...

Hi Percy
I live in Spain, but my daugther is there, in an English course in Oxford.
Thanks for showing us these photographs

I expect things go better soon