Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Perch Closed - Fire

You may remember in January I posted a nice photo of the Perch in Bisney saying that it was a nice pub on the River Thames and that in the summer it is a nice place to walk to, however it can get busy. See Post. Well this afternoon I was in Binsey and as you can see the Perch was not busy at all. About three weeks ago I heard that there was a fire at the historic pub but I did not realise how damaging it was, the whole of the thatched roof has been burnt and the pub will be closed for awhile I would think.


John said...

See http://thames.me.uk/s01830.htm for the Perch fire in 1977.
Can I use your picture please?

John said...

And I guess I'd better leave an address if I want an answer ...