Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ring Oxford!

Talk to Oxford. That’s right in the UK you can make in coming calls to phone boxes. I have recently become interested in the public telephone box and the users of them with the popularity of the mobile phone. This photo is of the three BT boxes at Carfax in central Oxford, from left to right there numbers are 01865 790516, 01865 721411, 01865 200883, the international code for the UK is 44 and drop the 0 at the front. These boxes are close to a bus stop so you should get people picking up. Other Oxford Boxes.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking your " water posts" and i am now thinking, what is a situation right in this moment. i saw from TV about your storm .
I hope, everything is fine in Oxford!
We got over 10 centimeter snow, but it
is welcome, everything is under the control here.

Felicia said...

Funny, kinda reminds me of the Mojave Phone Booth which I called once and a guy invited me to come out and party!

Mental Floss said...

So you mean I can call on these numbers and if someone is passing by, he or she will answer the phone. "Hi, This in Navin from India, could you please tell me how the weather is there right now."