Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Price Of Fuel

How can people justify using cars these days, with all the knowledge of climate change and the effects on the environment and yet we still have people driving around in cars. This was the price of fuel in Oxford today per litre, what will be the price on the environment for the excessive use of the engine in the future? Posted by Picasa


Ham said...

Too true! Especailly as Oxford is realy cycle friendly.

Welcome aboard!

Denton said...

Welcome to the daily photo family and greetings from Greenville, South Carolina (USA) ... Cars are inevitable but maybe we can look for alternate fuels while aggressively pursuing conservation.

jenni said...

How easy is it to get around Oxford on foot? Or by public transport?? I always prefer cities that are walkable =) especially for the daily things.

welcome to DP! =)

kaa said...

tats about 1.26 euros right? it is similiar here in finland. about 1.27euro per litre. welcome to DP and greetings from vantaa, finland